FIESTA DE LA SIDRA EN GIJON 2015 – Gijón’s Natural Cider Festival 2015

Gijón’s Natural Cider Festival 2015

This festival in the city of Gijón (Asturias) is a genuine homage to cider, the typical drink of this area.

One of the culminating moments of the festivities is when thousands of people come together on the beach. 30,000 litres of cider and 10,000 glasses bearing the festival logo are given out, and a photo is taken to commemorate the mass gathering. There are numerous other activities for visitors to enjoy: a traditional cider-pouring contest in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento square and a cider and apple market.

Fiesta de la Sidra Natural en Gijón 2015

Y así disfrutamos en Gijón, repartiendo “culinos” de sidra Castañón enfrente de la estatua de Pelayo y junto a la plaza del ayuntamiento corrió la sidra,

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